Predicted noise levels within enclosures

The need to reduce the noise to acceptable values is an important priority for many companies. These noise reduction actions are often concerned significant investments, and we must ensure the success of the project and minimizing their costs, and this is a major concern of those responsible. Give the importance of objective approach exists as regards the assessment of the impacts of investments to make.
However, experience has shown that, often, and especially in the case of installations of large size and/or complexity, the measurements of noise levels, just for you, do not allow to get reliable results or a clear view of the real impact of the different sound sources. Read more

PASSARO – Clean Sky 2

A dBwave.i colabora com o ISQ, in PASSARO project (Capabilities for Innovative Structural and functional testing of aerostructures), performing tests acústicos.O PASSARO project, It started in July and aims to develop and test materials, to integrate innovative technologies to improve safety, efficiency and sustainability of aircraft. This project was approved under the Clean Sky financing program 2, a public-private partnership between the European Commission and European companies in the aeronautical sector.
A Caetano Aeronautics, o ISQ, INEGI and AERTEC are the main actors of this consortium. Read more

Accreditation by the Junta de Castilla y León to carry out noise tests

The dBwave was believed by the Junta de Castilla y León, as "Evaluation entity" for the testing of acoustic and vibration. You can see the listing with the accredited entities, where is the dBwave, in here.

Environmental License Renewal by APA - Noise

workers' exposure assessment to vibrations