Case Study Industrial Noise Reduction Plan

Employees of dBwave.i have extensive experience in this area where they began to act in 2002.

The most effective tool to identify noise problems of industrial companies, given the quantity and diversity of equipment normally concerned, is the development of noise control action plans involving the realization of noise maps.

From 2002 that employees of dBwave developed intense work of preparation of noise maps of industrial facilities and action plans among which are:

ENEOP2 – Wind Farm Operation, S.A. Cimpor, S.A. (CP Souselas, Alhandra and Loulé)
Supreme Cement Factory in Adrianople Secil, S.A. (Factories Maceira, Pataias, Outão)
EEM – EMP. WOOD ELECTRICITY, S.A. Thermoelectric Born from Central
Factories Linxe (France), Knowsley (UK), Mangualde (Portugal)- Sonae Indústria, S.A. Thermoelectric Bachaquero Central, Venezuela
Cements Mills (Spain – Barcelona) Thermoelectric Tamare Central, Venezuela
Cemex Cement (Spain - Palma Maillorca)


International experience:

  • Portugal
  • Brazil
  • Angola
  • UK
  • France
  • Spain
  • Venezuela
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