Case Study Noise maps of industrial plants

Employees of dBwave.i have extensive experience in this area where they began to act in 2005.

In,pt 2007 Portugal implemented legislation that made it mandatory to carry out noise mapping for, entre outros, industrial developments. Since then the employees of dBwave developed intense work of preparation of noise maps of industrial plants including meet:

  • ENEOP2 – Wind Farm Operation, S.A.
  • Supreme Cement Factory in Adrianople
  • Factory Linxe (France) – Sonae Indústria, S.A.
  • Impact Study of the Construction of about 500 km of EHV line 220 kV entre Luachimo - Lucapa - Luena (NE end of Angola; Lunda Norte Province).

International experience:

  • Portugal
  • Brazil
  • Angola
  • France
  • Spain




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