Evaluation of vibration in buildings – discomfort and integrity of structures

The effects of vibrations in buildings and other structures, can be multiple, but are the highlight, as most important, the effects on people and in the integrity of the structures. In order to respond to the needs that regularly appear on the characterization of this type of situations, the dBwave, Since last year, is accredited by IPAC, to perform the following tests:

Reaction of people:

  • Exposure assessment of vibration in buildings BS 6472-1:2008 (to learn more about this service clique aqui)

Integrity of structures and buildings:

  • Measurement of impulsive vibrations in structures NP 2074:2015 (to learn more about this service clique aqui)
  • Measurement and evaluation of the effect of vibrations in structures continued DIN 4150-3:1999 (to learn more about this service clique aqui)

The dBwave is the only accredited entity in Portugal, according to ISO 17025, to perform this type of testing.

It should be noted that, from the beginning of 2018, in the case of the occurrence of explosions, the NP2074 is mandatory application.

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