Noise reduction

1) Introduction

The sound can be air or driving structural conduction. Most sources radiate sound both as otherwise. The following diagram shows that for noise reduction measures can be taken at various levels in the chain: at the source, about the means of propagation, interfaces and/or on the receiver.

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Municipal Noise Maps – Change

The team of employees dBwave.i Group company ISQ, resulting from the fusion of dBLab with the LABRV ISQ, has extensive experience in this area:

  • Over 100 municipalities in Portugal and Spain;
  • Over 10.000 Calculated km2;
  • More 3 million people covered.

Respond to their needs for achievement and Noise Maps update.

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The Law of Foundations of Public Policy Soil, Planning and Urbanism, recommends that municipalities completion of the review of the PDM, by the end of May 2015.

The General Directorate of Territory (DGT) has called for the various municipalities, under review PDM, to change the letters concerning the map mode noise to conform to the requirements of the Decree 10/2009.




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