Noise measurement collective equipment of buildings

The common equipment noise measurement buildings, applies only if already are installed common equipmentin the building. (p. Ex.:. water pumps, exhaustion fans, elevators or other)

The laboratory performs verification by comparison with the legal requirements in Regulation of the acoustic requirements of buildings, approved by the D, L. 129/2002, republished the 9 June 2008 (integrating the changes described in D, L. 96/2008). Read more

Measurement of sound insulation

For measuring sound insulation are used the following indexes:
  • effective sound insulation
  • corrected sound insulation

The effective sound insulation D is defined simply as the difference in dB between the level in the emission room, L1, and the level at reception L2 : D = L1- L2.

This difference is given for each frequency band or globally . The ISO standard measurements use a noise (generally pink noise or noise of road traffic) in the emission room. The difference in levels may be given in octave bands or third octave bands, dB or dB(A).

Orders of magnitude of sound insulation:

– 35 dB(A) one can hear everything.
– 40 dB(A) the conversation is unintelligible.
-50 dB(A) the conversation is inaudible.

Corrected Sound Isolation Read more

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