Effects of continuous vibrations in structures DIN 4150-3

Unlike what happens in other countries, the criteria for evaluation of the effect of continuous vibrations in structures are not set out in legislation, in Portugal.

To fill this gap the dBwave believed the realization of evaluation of continuous vibrations in structures, According to the methodology of the DIN 4150-3:1999, by IPAC. Read more

Evaluation of exposure of workers at vibrations – hand arm


During our day-by-day we are exposed to vibration, one way or another, in cars, buses, train, etc. Many people are also exposed to other vibrations, during your work, for example those produced by hand tools, machines or heavy vehicles.

Here will be only referred to the undesirable vibrations: the effect of overexposure to vibration; the various factors that should be taken into account when it is measured, How is measured and evaluated, and what actions can be developed to reduce sources of harmful and/or dangerous vibrations.


Legal and regulatory references (in Portugal) are the following: Read more

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