Evaluation of vibration in buildings – discomfort and integrity of structures

The effects of vibrations in buildings and other structures, can be multiple, but are the highlight, as most important, the effects on people and in the integrity of the structures. In order to respond to the needs that regularly appear on the characterization of this type of situations, the dBwave, Since last year, is accredited by IPAC, to perform the following tests: Read more

NP2074 – aplicação obrigatória por lei

A Norma Portuguesa NP2074:2015 é de aplicação obrigatória a partir de 14 de janeiro de 2018

De acordo com o Despacho 19/GND/2017, da POLICIA DE SEGURANÇA PUBLICA, of 14 de julho de 2017, a partir de 14 de janeiro de 2018, é obrigatória a realização de monitorização de vibrações de acordo com a NP 2074:2015, sempre que tenha lugar a utilização de explosivos.
A dBwave é, à data deste despacho, a única entidade com o ensaio acreditado pelo IPAC (L0219), para a realização de ensaios de acordo com a NP2074:2015. Read more

Renewal of accreditation for testing to be carried out in accordance with the NP2074

The dBwave renewed your accreditation for conducting evaluation test of impulsive vibrations in structures, According to the NP2074 standard:2015 by IPAC – Portuguese Institute of Accreditation, According to ISO standard 17035.

Mining and geotechnical activities that induce dynamic stresses on the land, namely: the dismantling of rock masses with use of explosive substances, pile driving, dynamic compression of grounds, among others, originate impulsive stress and subsequent vibrations in nearby structures, which, in consequence, may be damaged. Read more

The discomfort generated by vibrations can also be evaluated

The discomfort generated by vibrations can also be evaluated

It is common to complaints of noise are associated with complaints of discomfort of vibrations. The fact that in Portugal there is a law of the noise and there is no law of vibration leads to complaints with respect to this last phenomenon is often ignored. However nowadays there are criteria for evaluating discomfort of vibrations in multiple countries and, therefore, nothing prevents do tests to evaluate the relevance of the complaints of the people. Read more

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