Bell sound

Noise bells

Sound of bells and sound amplification systems

Over the years the sound of bells coming assuming an increasingly significant expression in the universe of complaints for noise. Notwithstanding the Constitution, in your article 41, stating that the bells are a form of freedom of expression, through touch and with the passing of hours call to prayer, invoke festive moments or headstones, the noise produced by a public address system associated with the bells of a church must respect the limits set by the general regulation of noise, the drafting of Decree-Law No. 9/2007. No less important will be, because, safeguarding respect, the quality of the environment and life of the people.
So the bells must meet the sound limits referred to in article 21, as well as the provisions in point (b)) paragraph 1 and in paragraph 5 Article 13 of Decree-Law No. 9/2007.